ICLAA 2017

December 11-15, 2017

International Conference on Linear Algebra and its Applications

December 11-15, 2017

ICLAA 2017

The theme of the conference shall focus on

Linear Algebra and Graph Theory are important branches of Mathematics having applications in each and every branch of Applied Sciences. The topic ‘Matrix Methods in Statistics’ is a branch of Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory containing a variety of challenging problems in Linear Statistical Models and Statistical Inference having applications in various branches of Applied Statistics such as Natural Sciences, Medicine, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Markov Chains, Digital Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Neural Network, to name a few. Advances in Combinatorial Matrix theory are motivated by a wide range of subjects such as Networks, Chemistry, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, and Information Technology. The areas of Classical Matrix Theory and Combinatorial Matrix Theory interact with each other, which is evident from the interplay between Graphs and Matrices. Generalized Inverses of Matrices such as the Incidence Matrix and Laplacian Matrix are mathematically interesting and have great practical significance. Covariance Matrices play an important role in the study of uncertainty associated with data related to measurements, which is an important part of applied Mathematics and Statistics.
This conference is in sequel to the conferences CMTGIM 2012 and ICLAA-2014 held in Manipal during January 2012 and December 2014, respectively. The present conference shall provide a platform for leading Mathematicians and Statisticians, working around the globe in the theme area to discuss several research issues and to introduce new innovations. The main goal of the conference is to bring experts, young researchers, and students together to present recent developments in this dynamic and important field. The conference also aims to stimulate research and support the interaction between the scientists by creating an environment for the participants to exchange ideas and to initiate collaborations and professional partnerships. This conference also dedicates a few sessions to ‘Applications of Covariance Analysis in Nuclear Data’, and plans a preconference meeting on ‘Applications of Linear Model in the Evaluation of Nuclear Data’, which is an important topic in the Indian context. The event is also expected to provide a platform for the interactions between Mathematicians, Statisticians and Data Scientists.


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Invited Speakers

Name Institute
Rafikul Alam IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, India
S. Arumugam Kalasalingam University
Ravindra B. Bapat Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi, India
B. V. Rajarama Bhat Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India
Zheng Bing Lanzhou University, PR China
Somnath Datta University of Florida, USA
N. Eagambaram CSO, MOSPI, India
Ebrahim Ghorbani K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran
Muddappa Seetharama Gowda University of Maryland, Maryland, USA
Stephen John Haslett Australian National University, Canberra, Austria
Jeffrey Hunter Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
Stephen James Kirkland University of Manitoba, Canada
Bhaskara Rao Kopparty Indiana University Northwest, USA
S. H. Kulkarni Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
Helmut Leeb University of Vienna, TU Wien, Vienna
Andre Leroy Universite d’ Artois, France
Augustyn Markiewicz Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poznan, Poland
S. K. Neogy Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi, India
Sukanta Pati Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
Simo Puntanen University of Tampere, Finland
T. E. S. Raghavan University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Sharad S. Sane Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
Bhaba Kumar Sarma Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
Ajit Iqbal Singh The Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi
Martin Singull Linkoping University, Sweden
K. C. Sivakumar Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
Sivaramakrishnan Sivasubramanian Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
Murali K. Srinivasan Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
Michael Tsatsomeros Washington State University, USA

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