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Karkala is a quaint town in the Udupi district of Karnataka. With great historical significance, it is blessed with several ancient temples and Jain Basadis. Deriving its name from the word ‘Karikal’ meaning ‘black stone’ it has an abundance of black granite in the area.

Karkala is a famous pilgrim centre for Jains. There are about 18 Jain temples (basadis) found here. Few Jain temples built here are Chaturmukha Thirthankara Basadi, Hiriyangaddi Neminatha Basadi and Anekere Padmavathi. Some of the more famous structures found here include the large statue of Bahubali. Set in the rocky hills of the town, the statue is 42 feet high and is the second tallest such structure in Karnataka. The Brahmadeva Pillar in front of the statute is also remarkable

For more details visit https://karnatakatourism.org/tour-item/chaturmukha-basadi/

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