Kimmo Vehkalahti

Centre for Advanced Research in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, MAHE, Manipal, India

University Lecturer

Faculty Member, Centre for Social Data Science, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Research Interests: Linear Regression, Data Analysis, Quantitative Data Analysis, Research Methodology, Survey Methodology and Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, R Programming, Multivariate Data Analysis, Multivariate Statistics, Statistical computing as well as Measurement, Multivariate methods, Visualization in Social and Behavioral sciences.
Achievements: Kimmo Vehkalahti completed his master's thesis in 1995, graduated next year, and defended his doctoral thesis in 2000. He had had the opportunity to work in Department of Social Research since 1993, first as an assistant, nowadays as a university lecturer. In 2008, he got a permanent position there. The topic of his academic theses, Reliability of measurement scales, came out in a course of measurement by Lauri Tarkkonen in 1993. Another important person related to his career has been professor Seppo Mustonen, the author of Survo. Kimmo Vehkalahti has studied the effects of measurement errors on statistical research methods as a member of the research group of Social Statistics. Their articles have been published, for example, in Computational Statistics & Data Analysis and Journal of Multivariate Analysis. More recently he has been involved in developing and documenting an open source version of the Survo software in a form of an R package Muste. Since 2013, it has been called Survo R. In general, he is interested in applied statistics, especially in social and behavioral sciences. More details...

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