Seminar on Network Science

Structure, Dynamism, Stability, Emergence and Applications

10 November 2018

Centre for Advanced Research in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, MAHE, Manipal, India

Event Details
Title Network Science: Structure, Dynamism, Stability, Emergence and Applications
Date & Time 10 Nov 2018 10:00 AM
Venue Department of Statistics, Level VI, Health Sciences Library Building, MAHE, Manipal

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Networks are graphs that represent something real. Thus network is a model of observable reality. Network Science is the study of theoretical foundations of network structure, dynamic behavior and its applications to many other fields such as Social sciences, Management studies, Computer networks, Communication networks, Power grids and Biological sciences. Thus network science has the perspective of both theory and applications. Important principles of network science include structure, dynamism, topology, stability and emergence. In this talk we present a survey of several networks such as small-world networks, scale-free networks, epidemic models, influence networks biological networks and random networks. We shall also discuss applications of network science to Social science, Management studies, Computer science, Communication networks, power grids and biological sciences. We shall also indicate research perspectives, directions for further research, unsolved problems in this area of study and available software tools for this study.

About the Speaker(s)

S. Arumugam
Adjunct Professor
Ramco Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India

Research Interests: Network Analysis, Graph Theory and its applications, Fuzzy logic and its applications to pattern recognition, Topology , Geometry and Visual Cryptography, Social Network Analysis, Biological Networks
Achievements: He has more than 250 publications and more than 20 books. Most of these books are prescribed as… Read more

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