Speaker Details of Dr. Garry Ka Lok Chu for the event IWMS 2021

Dr. Garry Ka Lok Chu


Department of Mathematics, Dawson College, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Email: gchu@dawsoncollege.qc.ca
Research Interests: Magic Squares, Latin squares, Philatelic Latin squares, Magic card puzzles
Achievements: Garry Ka Lok Chu has been teaching at Dawson College for more than a decade. He works as an ambassador to deliver mathematical concepts in an easy fashion, with the primary goal to help students understand basic principles.
He explores well-known and interesting daily-life probability questions in his statistics classes.
He explains in online lectures how to interpret timely statistical charts and different mathematical models concerning COVID-19.
He applies his technical knowledge to develop a course to help students appreciate the relationship between Math and Art in a recreational way, using magic squares, for example.
He believes now is an appropriate time to help students solve the mathematical mystery behind AI, or machine learning, based on statistical theory, linear algebra, and calculus. More details...

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