Speaker Details of Mr. J. Vijayananda for the event ICBAOR 2019

Mr. J. Vijayananda

Fellow, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Philips Research, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Email: vijayananda.j@philips.com
Research Interests: His focus has been primarily on Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the Medical domain, especially on Health care related Numerical Data, Medical Images, Text and Waveforms (EEG, ECGs).
Achievements: Mr. J. Vijayananda has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication and Masters in Computer science (with specialisation in Machine Learning and AI) from Georgia Tech university. He has been in the IT industry for over 22 years. He has been Primarily in Medical and HealthCare domain although started the career in Telecom domain.
Early in his career, he was fortunate to be part of couple of projects having complex design/Architecture problems involving huge amount of data. He has gained expertise in creating real time streaming/compression data for fast access to medical images for Radiologists in Medical viewing workstations and designed custom Medical Databases for fast store and retrieve. He has been spending last few years in designing approaches for managing huge amount of data on the cloud and mechanisms to productionize predictive models for number of Philips internal business units.
He is currently Fellow in data science and AI within Philips research and leads a team of Data Scientists working on data science projects for internal business units as well as for external partners. He collaborates extensively with both medical and academic institutions in and outside of India in the areas of Data Science and AI. He has, to his credit, a number of technical papers in several conferences and has been a speaker in many IEEE conferences.
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