Speaker Details of Dr. Rajesh Kannan for the event ICLAA 2023, Manipal, India

Dr. Rajesh Kannan

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Near NH-65, Sangareddy, Kandi, Telangana 502285

Email: rajeshkannan1.m@gmail.com
Research Interests: Algebraic and Spectral Graph Theory, Matrix Theory, Combinatorics
Achievements: Rajesh Kannan is a assistant professor in the department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. He has published more than 25 is research articles in the areas of Linear Algebra, Combinatorics and Graph Theory. He was awarded as Excellent young teacher award (2020), Postdoctoral fellowship (2015), University of Manitoba, Canada, Postdoctoral fellowship under German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific and Research development (2014), Indian Statistical Institute Visiting Scientist fellowship (2013) etc. More details...

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