Speaker Details of Dr. S. Ponnusamy for the event TFDAM 2019

Dr. S. Ponnusamy


Department of Mathematics, IIT Madras, Chennai -600036

Email: samy@iitm.ac.in
Research Interests: Complex Analysis, Quasiconformal and Harmonic Mappings, Special Functions and Function Spaces
Achievements: Dr. S. Ponnusamy has completed his PhD in IIT, Kanpur (1983) and he has been a NBHM Postdoctoral Fellow (1991 - 1994). He got “Best Selling Author Award, 2002" for the book entitled "Foundations of Complex Analysis, 1995". He has elected as a Vice-President of the "Indian Academy of Mathematics", Indore (2006 onwards) and as a Vice-President of the "Fellow of the Forum de Analystes", Chennai, India (2007 onwards). He was a Professor and Head in ISI Chennai, Centre during 2012 - 2017, on deputation. He has been a Visiting Professor in many universities outside India. More details...

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