Speaker Details of Dr. Samir K. Neogy for the event ICLAA 2021

Dr. Samir K. Neogy

Professor & Head

Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre, New Delhi, India

Email: skn@isid.ac.in
Research Interests: Applied Statistics, Linear Programming, Nonlinear Programming, Non-cooperative games, Stochastic games, Statistical Quality Control, Six Sigma, Quality Management.
Achievements: Based on his research and teaching interests, in applied statistics and matrix methods, he has published several research facts on On hidden Z-matrices and the linear complementarity problem, Completely mixed strategies for generalized bimatrix and switching controller stochastic game, Dynamic Games and Applications, On a quadratic programming problem involving distances in trees, Completely Mixed Strategies for Two Structured Classes of Semi-Markov Games, Principal Pivot Transform and Its Generalizations. He has been a resource person in many of the conferences like International conference on modeling, computation and optimization, International symposium on mathematical programing for decision making, ICEC diamond jublee conference on statistics etc. Two of his well known books are Modeling, Computation and Optimization, Mathematical Programming and Game Theory for Decision Making. More details...

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