Speaker Details of Dr. Dietrich von Rosen for the event ALAPS 2020

Dr. Dietrich von Rosen

Visiting Professor

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, University in Uppsala, Sweden

Email: dietrich.von.rosen@liu.se
Research Interests: Multivariate Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Regression Analysis, Mathematical Statistics and its applications
Achievements: He received a PhD from Stockholm University (1986). He was adviser for 18 undergraduate (master) theses in Mathematical Statistics,
21 Ph. Lic. theses in Statistics/MathematicalStatistics/Biometry and 16 PhD theses in Statistics/Mathematical Statistics/Biometry. He is Honorary Doctor, Tartu University, Estonia (2014) and also Guest Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China, (2018 onwards). He has more than 120 publications in reputed journals and also published 3 books. He is Editor in Chief, Journal of Multivariate Analysis and Associate Editor of Discussiones Mathematicae, Probability and Statistics (2016 onwards), Journal of Multivariate Analysis (2009-2018), Statistical Papers (2007 onwards), Acta et Commentationes Universitatis Tartuensis de Mathematica (2003 onwards). He has organized many International Conferences, Workshops, Summer Programs and also was a coordinator, coorganizer to many programs. He has presented invited papers in many International Conferences across the globe including India. More details...

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