Speaker Details of Dr. Lynn Roy LaMotte for the event ALAPS 2020

Dr. Lynn Roy LaMotte

Professor, Biostatistics Program

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, School of Public Health, 2020 Gravier Street, New Orleans USA.

Email: llamot@lsuhsc.edu
Research Interests: Statistical Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Applied Statistics, Data Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, Multivariate Statistics, Multivariate Data Analysis, Linear Regression, Statistical Inference, Logistic Regression, Regression analysis, Mixed linear models, Linear estimation, Categorical response, Forensic statistics
Achievements: Lynn Roy LaMotte received his Ph.D in Statistics from Texas A & M University in 1969 under R. R. Hocking. He is Professor of Biostatistics at LSU Health – New Orleans. He has collaborated with Jeffrey Wells, Ph.D., for twenty-five years, striving to address the statistical questions and problems that arise in time-since-death investigations. This has entailed adapting extant statistical methodology and developing new theory and methods, resulting in novel contributions for statistical inference in models for both continuous multivariate responses (like length and weight) and discrete multi-category responses, such as development stage.
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